Book One – Ep.5: Battle of Tehran

The Lion and the Sun - Book One - Episode 5 - Battle of Tehran

Two constitutionalist armies arrive at the gates of Tehran and Mohammad Ali Shah prepares the capital of Iran for an all-out war. How the battle of Tehran reshaped the future of democracy in Iran and how the country was forced to change in its aftermath.

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Episode Summary

After the bombardment of Majlis, the flames of revolution burned across Persia as uprisings erupted against the monarchy of Mohammad Ali Shah. Though he attempted to calm the angry constitutionalists by forming a powerless Grand National Council, his efforts failed to quell the growing discontent.

Two formidable armies took shape – one from the north led by Sepahdar, and another from the west under Sardar Asad Bakhtiary. Their goal was to capture Tehran and reestablish democracy by force.

Fearing the unrest, the British and Russian empires warned the Shah about his tenuous grip on power. Left with no choice, Mohammad Ali Shah reluctantly agreed to reopen parliament. But it was too late. The northern and western constitutionalist forces combined, marching on the capital Tehran with determination.

As constitutionalist armies breached the gates, the battle of Tehran commenced and pitched combat erupted through the streets of Tehran.

After some days, the two armies took control of the city. The defeated Shah took shelter in the Russian embassy and abdicated his throne. In this historic moment, his young son Ahmad Shah was crowned the new monarch under the regency of his uncle Ażod-al-molk.

The second Iranian parliament was reopened in November 1909. After the reopening, Sepahdar became prime minister while Sardar Asad was named interior minister. Heroes like Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan, famed for the Tabriz struggles, arrived to congratulatory crowds.


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